Support sustainability in the Amazon

Delta of the Amazon

The sign reads - Please dont throw your trash here..


This project is a non-profit act of service which aims for preservation of the forests and rivers of the
Amazon in Brazil.
Communities influenced by industrial activity have been growing in the Amazons since Europeans first came to South America and mixed with the natives. Just recently (growing in the past 30 years), mainstream products of the capitalist world have become available to these people in large amounts. Products with plastics, metals, batteries and chemicals form the main source of pollution here. The heaps of trash gathering along the banks of the Amazon grow and residue flows into the ocean. At times, the waste is burned in open fires which directly causes harmful pollution to the people and the ozone.Battery acids and chemicals kill off the river fauna.
These disrespectful actions are caused by poor education, lack of information and uninformed educators.
This can all be prevented with proper information networks, sustainable waste management techniques, and people willing to spread the information regardless of government support.

InforAmazon aims to offer free information on sustainability to local river residents in a hands on manner. Information on composting, recycling, landfill management, reusable products as opposed to disposable items, renewable resources and environment conservation. Conscious awareness of cause and effect can be raised if we apply focused action.

The project will be based on a river boat with a converted to bio-diesel fuel engine. It will travel along the river to communities that live bordering the waters of the Amazon.
The target communities consist of 1-15 households where they maintain themselves with basic agricultural or forestry practices.
By teaching people sustainability we are able to create a friendlier, cleaner, safer world, holding on to the natural resources that we still have.



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2 responses to “Support sustainability in the Amazon

  1. Ross

    Sounds very interesting, I look forward to reading more about it!

  2. hans

    cool 10 go for it 🙂

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