Take out the trash, honey

Our communities are in bad shape. Trash fills our streets, our air is polluted, chemicals are in our food. There are people living in gutters and people intoxicating themselves into insanity. Children are being beaten and abused, others sold into prostitution before puberty.

Governments are very happy let us think they are doing the best they can. They give us vaccinations and welfare. We have public schools where we are all taught to be productive law abiding citizens. We are supplied with television programs that show us how everyone is out to get us. Mass production is allowed use of genetically modified seeds to be grown with chemicals so that we can all be fed.

Lo and behold we are now sicker, more distorted, and hungrier than ever.

In the news we see that 15 million will be invested into education next year. Yet you may find that 15 billion was invested into war fare last year.

Where are the priorities coming from? Are governments really interested in our well being? Or are they occupied with the funding from the large corporations that hold sway over the economy?

Can we continue to expect governments to change our lives for us? To expect another hand out just to get through the week?

What we certainly can do is take life into our own hands. Bring back community power and make decisions according to our values and respect for each other and the planet. Use our local resources to live sustainable lives giving back to nature.

Its time to reconnect with our truth and re-establish balance on the planet.

Stop the thought patterns at the root- our own minds, where we unconsciously support the great petrol giants, the plastics industries and mining, by our dependence on corporations to provide for us.

We can stop the pollution by become independent of mass corporations, growing our food locally, supporting our local mom&pop shops supplying our families with sustainable prosperity that will last for generations.

Its time to think of long term solutions to our problems.

Once we realize that it is we- the consumers who keep the cycle of pollution and distortion in process, we can stop. We can refuse. We can reuse, we can sustain.


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