Crafts from Recycled material

Crafts from Recycled material
Category: 4 R’s/Waste
Local Supporters: Vila Viva- Alter do Chao- Sponsored by Ministerio de Cultura do Brasil Cultura Viva
We will be making crafts with the children of ages 6-13 at the day centre Vila Viva every Thursday of May between 15:30 and 17:30. The children will be making a cultural presentation on the river Tapajos (their native land) at the end of the semester. The crafts made during the workshops will form the background for their presentation.
Learning how to play and create with recycled materials gives the children a concept of how to creatively bring new life to materials that are coinsidered discartable by society. Also bringing their awareness to what happens with the materials if they were just tossed on the street, into the in the river, garbage bin or into the recycleing bins.



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2 responses to “Crafts from Recycled material

  1. Alyssa Byrd

    It is great to see your “4 R’s” and not just the same old 3, which simply do not suffice these days! I created concepts for ECORANGERS outdoor education program, and the final R in ecorangers represents the “4 R’s”.
    “The Four R’s: Refuse, Reuse, Reduce & Recycle.”
    or “Refuse, but if you must use — Reuse, Reduce & Recycle”
    Please use them if they are helpful!

    • Hi Alyssa!
      Thank you for you comment. Yes to Refuse is a great concept, to share information of it’s importance is essential. I have recently learned a bit about the Kids for the Bay 4 R’s programm, they use ROT as the fouth R to promote composting!

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